About us

Real estate environments for today and tomorrow


Real estate environments for today and tomorrow. 

Founded in 2001 by Jim and Rebecca Tudor, Twinrose Investments is acquiring a commercial real estate portfolio in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.  We look at each industrial, office, and retail property with the vision of what it can become and how we at Twinrose can execute a plan to make it happen.  We bring leasing, property management, maintenance, and construction expertise to enhance service to tenants and through this work, contribute to long-term asset preservation and growth for investors.

Growth – service – community – resilience


We promote four core values. These principles guide our team in all our actions.


The process of increasing in amount, value, or importance.

Twinrose envisions the future growth potential of each property and brings it to life through comprehensive planning and direct hands-on management. 


The action of helping or doing work for someone.

Service is at our core and you will see this value manifest throughout the organizationTwinrose employees are dedicated to delivering an excellent and valuable service for every constituent:  investors, lenders, tenants, other service providers. 


A group of people living and working in proximity and sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

We create a culture of community by combining the right capital structure for each asset.  Elevating the working environment for our tenants and their customers improves asset performance for investors and enables career growth for employees.


The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. 

The unforeseen will happen, but preparedness helps navigate through storms. Twinrose prepares its portfolio and its people with the resilience to bridge tough times.